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TV for All

Everyone should be able to enjoy TV. Get special features and options for accessible TV viewing.

Accessible TV

Platinum offers TV equipment with a variety of assistive technologies to serve our visually- or hearing-impaired customers.

Screen Reader

Experience An Audio Menu

When the Screen Reader is turned on, a voice reads aloud the menu choices displayed on the TV screen such as content information, setup options, menus, program names and descriptions, channel numbers, network names and similar selected options.

Voice Remote

Your Wish Is Our Command

Bring the power of voice control to your TV experience. Say your command and let the remote do the rest, from changing channels to turning up the volume or finding your favorite shows.

Closed Captioning

Don’t Miss Another Word

Your favorite programming is more accessible with closed captions. When Closed Captioning is turned on, the audio portion of a show is displayed as text on the TV screen. Those who are deaf or hard of hearing have options to customize the appearance of the closed caption text by font size, style, color, contrast and more to improve the readability on-screen.

Audio/Video Description

Catch All Of The TV Action On-Screen

When the video description track is turned on, a voice describes the action taking place on the TV screen during natural pauses in the audio.