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Meet the new PlatinumHQ Wifi App

Elevate your WiFi experience by easily managing your WiFi network and connected devices from your smartphone. The insight you need to take control of your home network and devices.

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You set the boundaries, we help you keep them.

The PlatinumHQ app is full of great features to help busy parents. Change your WiFi password, create family member profiles, pause Internet access and more. The PlatinumHQ app helps you do it all.

PlatinumHQ App Features

Great features that help you control your WiFi – easily.*

FREE Always

Enhanced Parental Controls

This monthly subscription gives you access to additional parental control features – all within the PlatinumHQ app.**

$3.95 / month

Parental Control Features

Say hello to easy, intuitive Parental Controls. Peace of mind for busy parents.

Basic Parental Controls Enhanced Parental Control Subscription
Create family member profiles
Add/remove devices to each profile
Turn a profile off or on to control Internet access
Schedule offline times for each day of the week
Receive notifications about new online activity
Allow or deny access to entire sections of the web (example: nudity, violence, gambling)
Allow or deny access to specific websites (example:
View history of sites visited or apps used during the past day, week and month
Enable or disable “safe search” within Google, Bing and YouTube searches to block inappropriate search results.
* The PlatinumHQ app is only available for customers who lease a GigaSpire router from Platinum Connect.
** Enhanced Parental Control subscription only available with lease of a GigaSpire model router.