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November 15, 2021

Why Fiber?

Over the next year, Platinum Connect has committed to constructing a new, state-of-the-art fiber optic network in the community of Webster City.

There are many advantages to fiber optics:

  • It’s the fastest. It uses fiber-optic cables to send data to and from your connected devices. “Light is ridiculously faster than electricity at doing this which means fiber Internet is lightyears…faster than cable or DSL.” Even the most cutting-edge wireless networks depend upon the presence of fiber to enable higher speed services. “Ultimately, the quality and reliability of the wireless network will depend on the wireline (fiber) network carrying the traffic to and from the 5G small cells.”
  • It’s symmetrical. Fiber enables symmetrical upload and download speeds. Upload speeds enable better experiences when it comes to video conferencing, streaming and gaming. File uploads and VPNs also perform far better on symmetrical networks. Other technologies have significantly slower upload speeds.
  • It’s future-proof and sustainable. Fiber is the best choice for ensuring that a network being built now will be capable of satisfying user demand over its useful life. Fiber has at least 500 times higher capacity than any other technology. Fiber anticipates future demands and allows for services that will remain affordable and efficient for years to come. It is durable, scalable, easier to update and less costly to maintain. “Once fiber is laid down, network upgrades cost less than those for other broadband technologies.”
  • It’s a better investment. “Not only do Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) networks have a lower 30-year cost of ownership, but they also have a greater revenue potential when compared to the other technologies because of their greater broadband capacity.” -Vantage Point Solutions
  • It’s reliable. Fiber is the most reliable Internet technology, delivering a signal less susceptible than cable, copper, or spectrum-based services to interference or deterioration of performance due to distance or climate conditions.
  • It amplifies economic development. Fiber benefits community economic development and vitality through elevated housing prices and by creating more desirable conditions for relocation.
  • It’s addressing reality. “If you have a family of four working and learning at home, a total of 25 Mbps is just not adequate. You can only jam so much information down a single wire unless that wire is fiber.” -Christopher Ali, a University of Virginia associate professor who studies the digital divide

We look forward to providing Webster City residents with the future-proof technology of fiber as we partner with you for future success.